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My name is Queen Niyahbingai and I am very passionate about the arts. I have been painting pictures for years through music and poetry and now I am excited to be able to freeze moments in time by painting pictures with my camera. I am open to expressing my emotions through my artistry because it's when I feel free. Art has free range for expressions verbally and or nonverbally with no restrictions and I am grateful to be who I am and who I am becoming as an artist and upcoming photographer. I love being behind the camera composing pictures. I believe in giving you something you can feel making a picture worth more than a thousand words could ever describe.​


I want your experience to be one that we can naturally bring to life and set the moods of that which we decide to create. I want to sell you something which is believable. I understand the importance of interacting with my clients and being able to help pull out something wonderful to put into the photo by drawing out your emotions.


What makes me stand out is that I have always been an artist. Photography has become another way for me to paint pictures. It's another way form or drawing a picture, writing a poem or song. They all have a flow.


When I was thinking of my business name I knew that there had to be a significant meaning behind the name. I came up with Jas because my children are dear to me. I wanted to name my business after them by taking the first initial of their names. My oldest 2 didn't understand what the meaning was because they were probably overthinking it however my youngest got it right away. When I told my daughter what it stood for she thought that her initial should be first because she's the oldest. I told her that I didn't want my business to be called Aj's and she replied naw.  Being that I am an artist I knew the name had to pop for me so I named it Jas not only because it sounds great, but because it sounds like Jazz which is a great form of music with a great flow, not to mention Jas rocks.